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Sprinx CRM is a compact and very user friendly CRM. We believe that the smooth learning curve is a must for dynamic businesses. At the same time, our CRM is full of modern features reflecting current trends.


Dashboards adaptable to the role

Speed up your work thanks to a quick view corresponding to the assigned role. An acquisition sales representative is interested in different information than an account manager. Adapt CRM to your employees!

Connection with the social media

Easy integration with social media (Facebook, LinekedIn). Download pictures and contacts automatically.

Map reporting

Instant view of the sales team’s performance thanks to a well-organized map reporting.

General Data Protection Regulation GDPR applies to everyone who collects or processes personal details of Europeans, including companies and institutions outside EU with activities on European market. GDPR is targeting companies and institutions and even individuals who handle private information of employees, clients and suppliers across all business segments. The goal of GDPR is to protect digital rights of EU citizens. Enforcement date is due on 25 May 2018.

GDPR ready

No applications! Get all information easily in your web browser. One place for data management, one storage location and fewer problems with GDRP.


360° view of the customer

Get a comprehensive view of all activities of your customers.


Customer categorization for marketing

Organization of customers in similar groups suitable for reaching. Use your CRM simply for targeting your marketing.



We're proud to have many satisfied customers from various sorts of businesses.


Pavel Třeboňák, Aeskulab

"CRM for AeskuLab was a challenge which Sprinx handled well. Supplying a tailor-made CRM to the largest market player is always a great challenge. The challenge is even greater if the player is AeskuLab, a national leader in laboratory diagnostic services. AeskuLab’s sales representatives deal with thousands of contractual physicians throughout the country every day, and therefore need a top-quality CRM. Sprinx took up the challenge vigorously and managed to deliver despite the extremely tight deadline."


Karel Fryš, Olympus Europe

"Modern CRM solutions with practical and efficient use. Easy access is now different from already existing instruments for the users. It unifies access to information across different systems and gives space for further development."

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Our new CRM solution is now offered for reduced price. Also, check out custom options which can be tailored according to your requirements.


18 EUR / month

10 EUR / month

  • Exchange Sync
  • Tech Support

+ Exchange

20 EUR / month

12 EUR / month

  • Exchange Sync
  • Tech Support

+ Exchange&Support

28 EUR / month

19 EUR / month

  • Exchange Sync
  • Tech Support

Do you have any questions and can find no answers? Do you miss customization options? We have vast experience with tailor-made robust CRM solutions. Write to us and we will be delighted to answer all your questions. Contact us.

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About Us

We have been developing business and CRM systems since 1996 when Sprinx Systems was founded. Over the last 21 years we have gained a lot of experience with our clients in areas such as sales methodology, development of management tools or actual requirements for contact management. We used every effort to apply all of this knowledge also in the preparation of the new Sprinx CRM.